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Our Inspiration

We’re a team of visionary creatives who specialise in limitless food artistry, creating what has never been created before. Experiencing the extraordinary together is our passion. Sharing the ritual of gifting, our pleasure. Sustainability is deeply rooted in our values, formulations and methods in respect of our greatest muse; Mother Nature.

Our Story

Born from a desire to venture beyond the norm, Noshy dreamed itself into reality through its founder, Stefanie Siraghi — driven by an insatiable curiosity and a hypnotic relationship to flowers. Noshy is an ode to celebrating life through the senses. Our hand-crafted creations continue to evolve in our burgeoning London atelier.

“There are no rules when it comes to eating Noshy, however your Noshy loves to be savoured so we strongly suggest you give it your undivided attention. With Noshy we wish to offer a true experience of abundance. It is our hope to cultivate the art of gifting. Your pleasure is our pleasure.”

— Stefanie Siraghi

Annual Membership

When you join our circle of dreamers, we will surprise you with a hand-picked alchemy of flavour themes and designs, made in special collaboration with our artists in residence — for those who share our passion for discovery.

You (your recipient) will receive a limited edition collection each season for one year (four limited edition collections in total). Enjoy and save 20% off on each collection.

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