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The Teas


We invite you to savour the beauty of impermanence and revel in the experience of the unexpected. Enjoy our most venturesome creations, made with rare and seasonal ingredients. Produced in small batches and available for a limited time only.

Smoked Earl Grey, Strawberry Elderflower, Rose Violet, Green Tea Jasmin. FIND OUT MORE
Good to know

– Vegan & all-natural

– Free from additives

– No gluten, wheat, soy

– Edible rose petals

– No added sugars

– Source of superfoods


Smoked earl grey

A seductive deep aromatic ganache with uplifting notes of bergamot.

Strawberry elderflower

A luscious fragrant burst of fresh strawberry infused with fine notes of elderflower.

Rose violet

A delicate pairing of the most elegant floral notes fulfilled with a velvety ganache.

Green tea jasmin

A light and floral union of jasmine blossom and elegant Sencha green tea.

Annual Membership

When you join our circle of dreamers, we will surprise you with a hand-picked alchemy of flavour themes and designs, made in special collaboration with our artists in residence — for those who share our passion for discovery.

You (your recipient) will receive a limited edition collection each season for one year (four limited edition collections in total). Enjoy and save 20% off on each collection.

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