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Signature collection


A carefully curated selection of Noshy’s signature flavours. Bite in and feel the unravelling of an untamed dreamscape of ethereal and earthly sensations, where each flavour tells a tale, and every enchanting delicacy ignites a new dream.

– Box 9
3 Chocolate noisette, 2 Black forest gateau, 2 Rose cardamom, 2 Deep rasberry
– Box 25
5 Chocolate noisette, 4 Pistachio praline, 6 Black forest gateau, 4 Rose cardamom, 6 Deep rasberry
Good to know

– Vegan & all-natural

– Free from additives

– No gluten, wheat, soy

– Edible rose petals

– No added sugars

– Source of superfoods


Chocolate noisette

A delicate yet lively hazelnut praline ganache with a nutty surprise at its core.

Rose cardamom

A sensual fusion of rose laced with a silky smooth saffron and cardamom ganache.

Deep raspberry

An intense dark chocolate ganache, filled with a wild aromatic raspberry elixir.

Black forest gateau

A deep and immersive rich cacao base with a ravishing cherry burst.

Pistachio praline

An indulgent pistachio praline with a rich salted caramel ganache.

Annual Membership

When you join our circle of dreamers, we will surprise you with a hand-picked alchemy of flavour themes and designs, made in special collaboration with our artists in residence — for those who share our passion for discovery.

You (your recipient) will receive a limited edition collection each season for one year (four limited edition collections in total). Enjoy and save 20% off on each collection.

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