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Step beyond the mundane and embark on 
a multisensory dessert odyssey through our pioneering creations, designed to transport you beyond reality.

Select your dream collection of artisan truffle buds and become your own muse.



Frequently Asked

What is a truffle Bud?

Is a multi-layered experience of the finest spectacle of textures, flavours and a signature ganache reveals a vibrant surprise at its core. Noshy’s iconic artisan Truffle Buds are entirely edible, from their natural rose petals to their sweet core.

Do The Truffle buds contain any allergens or additives?

Our creations are mindful of your individual dietary requirements. Entirely plant-based, gluten free and devoid of added sugars, additives, or preservatives, they offer a sweet delight that aligns with your wellness aspirations. Their natural fructose, fibre, and antioxidants provide the alternative balance for your body and mind, allowing for a wholesome indulgence. Allergens: contains tree nuts.

How do i eat a Truffle Bud?

From its delicate crisp rose petals to its sweet core, the Noshy artisan truffle bud is entirely edible. For your highest indulgence, delicately pick your desired truffle bud and take your first bite into its base to discover its flavourful secret.

How long will my truffle buds last and how should i preserve them?

All our artisan pleasures love to be kept in a cool, dry environment. To enjoy their full flavour, consume within thirty days of the packaging date.

Annual Membership

When you join our circle of dreamers, we will surprise you with a hand-picked alchemy of flavour themes and designs, made in special collaboration with our artists in residence — for those who share our passion for discovery.

You (your recipient) will receive a limited edition collection each season for one year (four limited edition collections in total). Enjoy and save 20% off on each collection.

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