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Discover each of our artisan truffle buds: scroll right to reveal its flavour full secret. Scroll left to reveal its alchemical flavour blend.

  • Black forest gateau

  • Pistachio praline

  • Cinnamon spiced apple

  • Chocolate noisette

  • Deep raspberry

  • Rose cardamom

  • Valencia orange saffron

  • Matcha marvel

  • Mango passion fruit

  • Lime Basil

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When you join our circle of dreamers, we will surprise you with a hand-picked alchemy of flavour themes and designs, made in special collaboration with our artists in residence — for those who share our passion for discovery.

You (your recipient) will receive a limited edition collection each season for one year (four limited edition collections in total). Enjoy and save 20% off on each collection.

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